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HatRabbits brings structure to the creative process. We make sure the creative capacity of your organisation will be enlarged and used optimally. We inspire people and spark their creativity. Specifically, this means we can help your organisation with:

Creative problem solving
Imagine you have a problem. Well, let’s stay positive… a challenge. In any case, it’s a situation you’d rather get rid of. Any organisation has challenges and often they cannot be tackled with conventional thinking. When traditional methods no longer suffice, it’s time to look for a different approach. We’ll gladly help you generate innovative solutions.

Structuring the innovation process
Within many organisations people are aware of the necessity of change. Often however, managers have no clue where to start. Good intentions evaporate by the thought of a long and complicated innovation process. HatRabbits unburdens and brings structure. We guarantee enthusiastic stakeholders and truly innovative ideas.

A support base for changes
HatRabbits taps into the creative potential of the organisation. Ideas and solutions have to originate from within the organisation instead of being forced down by the top or outsiders. This is why we help employees to generate and refine refreshing ideas themselves. By structuring the process and guiding the participants, we enable everyone to break through fixed thinking patterns. As employees design the solutions themselves, a firm support base arises in a natural way. People simply work harder to make their own ideas a success.

Fresh insights and new perspectives
The solution often originates in a different field. That’s why we include professional outsiders in the creative process whenever possible. Don’t be surprised when you see an architect, brain surgeon and pilot work together on solving your toughest challenge.

By adding people from other fields to the team, we ensure new perspectives and fresh insights. These outsiders can ask ‘naïve’ questions that internally are no longer being asked. Moreover, their different background ensures they will suggest very different approaches. They might even know about smart solutions in other fields where a similar challenge occurred.

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