Hello Genius,

Yes, you. You have everything it takes to come up with ideas that will change the world. It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, manager, kindergarten teacher or loving grandma. You are perfect for creating the brightest ideas. Creativity is not just reserved for advertising agencies, writers, designers or artists. It’s for everybody and therefore for you.

Getting ideas is like pulling rabbits out of a hat. Many people believe that getting brilliant ideas is something magical. An act reserved merely for the rare magician. Just like making white bunnies appear out of a top hat, however, getting creative ideas is a skill that can be learned. Everybody has a hat filled with rabbits, but only a few people know the tricks to get them out.

Our mission is to teach each and every one of you how to make your HatRabbits appear. It’s easy to learn and fun to do.

HatRabbits are remarkable creatures. You really never know when and how they will appear. They can be bold, cute, funny, beautiful or outright weird. There are times when you’ve seen them before and there are times when they all look the same. Sometimes they even are too wild or too big to be of any use.

Having lots of HatRabbits is great. But often there’s only a few that are worth keeping. In the end, you do want to get rid of the dangerous and boring ones. Let alone that fat one that eats more carrots than you can afford. Not to worry though. We will help you select the winners. They are the kind that surprise you when they pop up and that make you smile when you realise they were on top of your head the entire time…

Do you want to learn the magic of getting ideas?
Shoot us an email at hello@hatrabbits.com.

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