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Creative problem-solving

Are you looking for fresh and inspiring ideas to deal with a problematic situation? Then you’ve come to the right place. We gladly help you to find new insights, solve complex problems and bring positive change to your organisation.

Innovation Course

Would you like your employees to understand and experience why change is essential? In our hands-on Innovation Course, participants will experience the full power of creativity. In a small group, participants will pass through all the phases of the innovation process. During the course, they will learn the skills necessary to develop truly valuable innovations.


New ideas and insights

Our method ensures you’ll get a better understanding of your challenge. We will help you to distinguish the root cause from the symptoms. We’ll also help you to clearly envision your desired end result and will inventory the most serious obstructions standing in the way of your goal. We will help you to map out chances and insights and generate truly out-of-the-box solutions.

Tangible results

A good idea is not enough. We help you to turn ideas into innovations. Concepts need to be developed and assumptions need to be tested. A rough idea must be refined to transform it into a concrete and realistic action plan. Not only do we facilitate energetic creative sessions, we also help you to transform a humongous pile of ideas into a practical and feasible solution. We’ll visualise the results in an infographic, (vision) document, scenario book, prototype or action plan.

Support for change

By including stakeholders in the problem-solving process, we ensure a broad support base for the solution that will be developed. Deciders, stakeholders and experts collaborate in the process and become co-owners of the solution. Employee-, customer and partner-knowledge will be utilised, multiple goals and interests will be connected and ambassadors for the end result will emerge naturally.


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