Free Infographic
Digital brainstorming

Based on our experiences with online brainstorming, we’ve listed 10 invaluable lessons to use for your next session.

Free Ebook
Business Creativity

In our ebook ‘A brief guide to business creativity’ you will discover the six essential steps to tackle any challenge creatively…

Ebook (workbook)
The Name Game

In this ebook, we will share 15 principles and 25 creative techniques that you can use to find an original name.

Free Poster
Topics for creative thinking

In this poster, we share 20 topics you can use for creative thinking.

Free Template
Evaluation Matrix

One of the hardest parts of brainstorming is selecting the most promising options after having generated lots and lots of ideas. With the ‘Brainstorming Evaluation Matrix’ you’ll easily identify the ideas with the most potential.

Free template
Brainwriting template

We have developed a creative technique that can be used in groups. A light exercise that utilises the resourcefulness of individuals, while making use of the wisdom of the crowd.

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