Creative problemsolving

From problem to solution

Every organisation at some point encounters challenges to which there are no obvious solutions. When a traditional approach doesn’t suffice, you need creativity. HatRabbits helps organisations to find clever solutions with a broad support base.

Structured creativity

We organise and guide interactive workshops in which participants learn to look at their situation differently. Participants will work with different creative thinking techniques and methods. Stakeholders will be encouraged to come up with creative solutions themselves. We believe in co-creation (with employees, partners and clients) and work towards a concrete and tangible result which can be applied in practice.


1. Focus

  • Defining the problem
  • Defining the objective
  • Making a list of criteria

2. Research

  • Desk- & field research
  • Observation & interviews
  • Problem analysis

3. Ideation

  • Generating creative ideas
  • Evaluation & refining
  • Concept development

4. Test

  • Building a prototype
  • Testing assumptions (pilot)
  • Processing feedback

5. Development

  • Mini-business case
  • Elevator pitch
  • Product roadmap

6. Implementation

  • Creating an action plan
  • Defining KPI’s
  • Introduction campaign


  • "Truly inspiring to see and experience. I urge every organisation which has to deal with a problem that requires a creative solution to get assistance from this inspiring duo.”

    Jelle Vijn, Operations manager Alstrom Grid


A short video impression of the way we work.

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René de Ruijter
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