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HatRabbits is an agency for business creativity and innovation

We believe that everybody is creative and that any problem can be solved. Creative thinking is a skill that can be learnt and that, with practice, can be improved.

We help organisations to find creative solutions to their challenges. We structure the creative process and help you generate smart solutions with a firm support base. We organise and facilitate interactive workshops on business creativity and teach participants to look at their situation from a different perspective. We stimulate people to go past obvious solutions and help organisations realise positive change.

Business creativity makes organisations more resilient. Being able to quickly find alternative solutions gives you the superpower to efficiently deal with unforeseen problems.

Brightstorming on Ipad

brainstorm software

We developed our own software. Brightstorming is an easy to use web application that allows teams to brainstorm more productively. Using Brightstorming, teams will generate more original ideas while saving time. Timers, clear examples and powerful thinking techniques make generating ideas fun and easier than ever. Our objective digital facilitator makes sure that absolutely anyone can now hold an efficient brainstorm session.

The Founders

Would you like to know more about HatRabbits or business creativity? Contact the founders: brothers Jeroen & René de Ruijter.

Jeroen de Ruijter

Jeroen de Ruijter

Jeroen is a creative allrounder and an internationally awarded concept developer. Jeroen studied Applied Creativity in Amsterdam and worked as a concept developer in advertising. In 2012 he represented Europe’s young creative talent at the AD Stars festival in Busan, South-Korea. Within the same year, the daily newspaper Het Parool featured him as one of the most promising young creatives in advertising. At HatRabbits Jeroen is responsible for concept development and creative strategy.

René de Ruijter

René de Ruijter

René takes care of the business side of the agency. He makes sure that, despite the creative chaos, projects stay on track and deadlines are met. Organising, structuring and managing innovation is what he does best. René studied criminal law and holds the title of ‘Master of Laws’. Given his legal background, it’s not surprising that he loves unravelling complex situations. René likes making complicated things simple. Since 2014, René wrote well over a hundred articles on business creativity.


HatRabbits works for many different organisations in various fields.  From municipalities and ministries to banks and consultancy agencies, and from the construction industry to the world of healthcare. In these very diverse projects, we collaborate with a team of creative professionals.



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