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8-hour training (also available as a half-day training)

Training Nudging (behavioural change & choice architecture)

‘Nudging’ is a form of positive manipulation. It’s the art of tricking people into doing what’s in their own best interest. You could for instance use it to make sure people drive more safely, but also to stimulate people to eat healthier, stop smoking or insulate their house.

In this interactive training course, you’ll learn to guide human behaviour by cleverly using choice architecture. You’ll learn about the core principles behind nudging and behavioural change. More important yet, we’ll teach you practical techniques to influence behaviour in a positive way. Together with your fellow students, you’ll design nudges to improve various situations.

Topics we will cover in the training:

  • The origin of nudging

  • The science behind nudging and behavioural change

  • Practical techniques to influence behaviour

How one of our participants described the training:

“Once busy you’ll quickly become very enthusiastic and creative! This was obvious in our group (all participants were very excited). It’s fun to work with other participants. People’s enthusiasm is contagious and before you know it, you’ve developed an effective nudge!”

Nudging e-book HatRabbits

This training is including a digital summary

  • What is nudging and how do you apply it?
  • What’s the ‘secret formula’ for influencing behaviour?
  • What practical nudging techniques can you use in your work?


Afterwards, you’ll be able to develop nudges to stimulate desirable behaviour. You’ll know how to subtly nudge people towards behaviour that is good for both them and society. Each participant will receive a digital summary of the training. This way, applying the techniques will be even easier.

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