What… we specialise in

HatRabbits is an agency that specialises in Business Creativity and innovation.

As people are often confused about the meaning of creativity and innovation, we use very simple definitions. We see ‘creativity’ as the mere act of combining existing elements to create something new. ‘Innovation’ is the successful implementation of a new idea.

Additionally, we distinguish ‘Business Creativity’ from ‘artistic creativity’. Where artistic creativity mainly aims to create an emotional impact, Business Creativity focuses on reaching business goals. These goals will directly or indirectly result in financial gain.

While Business Creativity is clearly of great importance to businesses, the same holds true for governments, non-profit organisations and even individuals. Every organisation and every person will benefit from the ability to use creativity when pursuing desired goals.

Business Creativity can be applied on different areas. Within the playing field of Business Creativity, HatRabbits focuses on problem solving and new product development.

Problem Solving
Whenever you encounter a problem, you could try to solve it with the usual approaches. However, the toughest problems are rarely solved with conventional thinking. You don’t want problems? Let’s get rid of them! Unconventional approaches and unusual solutions are what you need.

New Product Development
To stay on top of your game, small improvements aren’t always enough. Sometimes it’s necessary to explore completely new territory and boldly go where no man has gone before. This is the domain of radical innovation, disruption, and competitors crying for their mommy.

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