How… we get results

Our approach entails five phases.

Phase 1: Defining the focus
The aim of this first phase is mapping out the challenge and refining it. In this first exploratory phase we will investigate the conditions and background of the challenge at hand. This research will generally consist of observation of the current situation, interviews with stakeholders and mapping out interesting alternatives (initiatives in other countries, other fields etc). At the end of this phase we will help the problem owner to define a clear focus.

Phase 2: Generating ideas
Based on the focus, and in collaboration with the client, we will assemble a creative team. In one or more creative sessions this team will generate an abundance of innovative ideas. A typical creative team consists of:

• The problem owner and stakeholders
• Area experts
• Outsiders (professionals from within unrelated fields)

Phase 3: Evaluating and sharpening
The enormous pile of ideas that is generated in phase 2 will be clustered and evaluated. The most promising ideas will be sharpened by a core team (consisting of members from within the organisation) and area experts. The refined ideas will be visualised and further developed.

Phase 4: Testing
Depending on the challenge, one or more prototypes will be built and the approach will be tested on a small scale. The idea(s) will be presented to a sounding board of representatives of the target group. Based on the feedback they provide the plan of approach will be refined.

Phase 5: Developing a concrete implementation plan
Together with the core team, a list of necessary action steps is devised. The refined concept, including an action plan, will be presented to all stakeholders in the organisation.

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