20 examples of business topics that benefit from creative thinking

Every organization can benefit from creativity. In every situation, new ideas can make a difference. Creative thinking can be applied to all sorts of challenges. You can use creativity to solve problems, to improve existing methods or to utilise opportunities and create entirely new products and services.

At HatRabbits we believe that everybody is creative and that creativity should be part of everyday life. We believe that every business can and should use creativity to explore opportunities and solve the problems that matter.

Companies that embrace creativity are more innovative, more resilient and more attractive to potential employees.

You too can generate new ideas that will make a difference within your organisation. Ideas that will help you and your company do things better, faster, smarter, cheaper, in a more sustainable way, etc.

Just think about ways in which you can create new value for your clients, your team or yourself. Don’t worry, generating new ideas doesn’t require a lot of time. When you use creative thinking techniques (alone or with your colleagues), 5-10 minutes should be enough to generate dozens of valuable new ideas.

But what topics are suitable for creative thinking? You might think that out of all the topics you encounter during your work day, only a few are suitable to think creatively about. However, almost any situation benefits from creative thinking.

Any subject is suitable for creative thinking

Any situation that requires new ideas is a situation that begs for creative thinking.

Problemsolving, optimising, sales, strategy, marketing, growth, communication, recruitment, education, innovation, sustainability, employee satisfaction, naming, public relations, workplace, business models, collaboration, events, automation, customer experience, new technology, cybersecurity, digitalisation, identity, robotics, design, advertising, leadership, productivity, e-commerce, risk management, efficiency, finance, quality, safety, retail, gamification, social media, employee well-being, customer engagement …just some of the topics that can be the subject of a creative thinking session.

At HatRabbits we know from working with our clients that you can think creatively about almost every topic, in every field. To give you an idea of the variety in challenges that can be solved with creative thinking, I’ve listed a few real-life questions below.


Real-life examples of ‘creative challenges’



  • How can we get 10.000 new members for our platform?
  • How can we double our quarterly turnover?
  • How can we get 50 new clients in market X?

New products & services

  • How can we sell our expertise in different market segments?
  • How can we create new value propositions for our existing clients?
  • How can we utilize the data from our database in a different way?


  • How can we speed up our online handling-time?
  • How can we improve our customer journey?
  • How can we do our work more efficiently?

Cuts & Savings

  • How can we cut our production-time in half?
  • How can we lower the costs of process X?
  • How can we do project X in half the time?

Social responsibility

  • How can we reduce loneliness among the elderly?
  • How can we encourage children with obesity to play sports?
  • How can we recruit new volunteers for our organisation?


Employee satisfaction

  • How can we reduce the workload of our department?
  • How can we raise the team spirit in our department?
  • How can we increase the satisfaction of our employees?



  • How can we create a new product using ‘augmented reality’?
  • How can we utilise ‘fiber optic sensors’ to create a new value proposition?
  • How can we provide our customers with useful insights by using ‘big data’?



  • How can we make it easier for our teams to collaborate?
  • How can we work on global issues across departments?
  • How can we encourage the exchange of knowledge within our organisation?



  • How can we communicate the necessity of our department’s transformation?
  • How do we find a sticky name for our new product?
  • How can we inform all our employees about our new IT system?



  • How do we make employees aware of the necessity of innovation?
  • How can we create a culture of innovation?
  • How can we encourage employees to think ‘outside the box’



  • How can we be an appealing employer for talented young employees?
  • How can we retain new talented employees?
  • How do we attract a diverse group of talents?



  • How can we create an unforgettable experience for our visitors?
  • How can we create a diverse programme for our convention?
  • How can we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our program?



  • How can we organise our work in 2030?
  • How can we prepare our department for the changes in the coming five years?
  • How can we become the number 1 brand in our sector?



  • How can we involve all stakeholders in project X?
  • How can we create a support base among our colleagues for project X?
  • How can we collect feedback from our clients during project X?


Customer oriented

  • How can we stimulate department X to be more customer oriented in their work?
  • How can we ensure that our customers get a big smile on their face during our service?
  • How can we help our customers faster?


Human resources

  • How can we help employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle?
  • How can we retain the knowledge of employees who retire?
  • How can we create an attractive program for young talent?



  • How can we reduce noise disturbance for residents caused by project X?
  • How do we ensure that documents are approved more quickly?
  • How can we comply with regulations X?



  • How can we make the headlines in a positive way with our event?
  • How can we let customers experience the benefits of product X?
  • How can we create awareness of our new product?


Public relations

  • How can we get free publicity for our event?
  • How can we promote our new service amongst potential customers?
  • How can we increase our brand awareness amongst our target audience?



  • How can we finance project X?
  • How can we earn money with technology X?
  • How can we innovate our business model?


As you can see, there are loads of topics and subjects that are perfectly suitable for creative thinking. 

Are you curious what creative techniques can best be used to tackle your challenge? Are you wondering how you can pick the best ideas right after a brainstorm-session? Do you want to know how to take an idea and turn it into a prototype or feasible business plan? Don’t hesitate and give us a call to discuss your challenge.

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