From creative ideas to tangible results

Generating ideas is fun. And if you organise and facilitate your creative sessions properly, each ‘ideation’ session will lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas. Awesome!

Curious about how to structure your creative sessions in such a way that you’ll generate more ideas in less time? Check out Brightstorming

The luxury of having an immense amount of creative ideas is great, but it will also lead to a dilemma you might recognise: What do we do with all these ideas? How do we turn all these ideas into one tangible and practical result?!

Mere ideas will generally not be sufficient to realise change. Loads and loads of ideas are just the beginning; rough input for spectacular results. To keep all stakeholders on board and to generate enthusiasm for taking action, you’ll need to turn those ideas into something tangible. Something you can share and use to communicate the plan.

At HatRabbits we have developed a structured method to process creative ideas and turn brainstorm results into feasible outcomes. We apply this method in projects for very different organisations and for all sorts of challenges.

Based on an imposing amount of rough ideas, we will create inspiring, feasible and highly visual outcomes. The form depends on customer demand. We develop vision documents, strategic scenarios, action plans, creative concepts, concept visualisations, infographics and interactive prototypes, to name a few.

To give you an impression of the ways we use to communicate the results of a creative process, I’d like to share a few of our most popular ‘products’.

Infographic – visual summary & strategic talking piece

To make it easy to share the results of a creative project, we often develop infographics. These images are ideal to keep all those involved ‘in the loop’. They are a visual summary and help stakeholders to get a clear overview of the outcomes in the blink of an eye.

These infographics are also often used as ‘talking pieces’ for in-depth discussions in follow-up sessions with decision makers.


Some examples of infographics developed by HatRabbits.


Vision- or scenario book

Based on the creative ideas that have been generated, an action plan, vision book or scenario book can be compiled. In these books, we turn all output into concrete actions and recommendations. Everything comes together in a coherent story. In the book, we also explain how the creative ideas fit the corporate vision and strategy.

These books are clear products of co-creation; inspiring documents that can serve as a guide for the implementation of the chosen plan. After a feedback round with the client (and any other key stakeholders), the product will be finalised. The final document can be delivered hardcopy or as a digital file (including print files) and can then be shared internally and externally.

A few examples of vision books developed by HatRabbits.


Idea archive

Of course turning ideas into a creative concept or vision doesn’t mean that all those separate ideas should be tossed out of the window afterwards. As we’ve pointed out before, it’s a good idea to save ideas. Even ideas that seem far-fetched, unreasonable or clearly impossible. Who knows what the future has in store. A crazy idea can one day come in handy. This is why we usually create an idea archive of all those wild ideas we collect during a project. This way, clients can at any time in the future scroll through those creative ideas to see if any of the ideas can be implemented.

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