5 techniques to develop a creative name for your company, product or project

Being able to come up with a ‘catchy’ name is an extremely valuable skill for every professional. Whether you are leading a company, starting a new project, or launching a novel product or service. There will often be times when you need a creative name.

In this article, I will share 5 simple techniques that you can use to find an original name. You can use them individually or with a team. They are all easy to use and can be applied directly. And all you need is a pen and paper.

Are you really serious about finding the perfect name? We’ve written an ebook on the art of finding an original name: The Name Game. In this ebook you’ll find 15 helpful principles and no less than 25 exercises to help you find the perfect name!

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1. Personification

Turn your brand or product into a personality. Use the names of the founders, a nickname, a fictional character or a historical figure (like Tesla, named after the infamous inventor Nicola Tesla).

Examples: Ben & Jerry’s, McDonald’s, Johnnie Walker

2. Alliteration

Alliterative names are pleasant to the ear. Come up with a name that consists of two words that start with the same letter. Make sure to use the same number of letters. Keep it simple, easy to pronounce and rhythmic.

Examples: Dunkin’ Donuts, BlackBerry, Coca-Cola

3. Statement

Create a two- or three-word statement about your product, service or proposition. Try to generate a list of short punchlines and see if you can turn these into a short brand name.

Examples: Best Buy, DieHard (batteries), No Sweat (deodorant)

4. Geography

Use your current location in the new name. You can also make use of locally famous subjects (e.g. Fuji is named after the highest mountain in Japan).

Examples: ICI Paris, New York Pizza, Cisco (from San Francisco)

5. Combination

An easy way to generate a new name is by combining two existing words. You can try to use 2 words that match your subject, or combine one of them with a random word.

Examples: Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube


The Name Game

How to develop a creative name that sticks for your project, company or product

The tricks above are simplifications of the tricks described in our ebook ‘The name game‘. In this ebook, you’ll find 25 exercises that will help you to generate the perfect name for your product, service or company.

Good luck! And remember, when it comes to creativity, quantity leads to quality.



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