5 Reasons Why You Should Use Visual Thinking

Ideas can always be put into words. Yet drawing them is often a much better way to explain yourself. When it comes to solving problems, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visual Thinking - Presentation

Drawing helps to get your ideas across

Everybody can learn how to draw. If you are able to draw stick figures, you’re perfectly capable of explaining yourself with pictures. It doesn’t matter how primitive your drawing skills are. Drawing is probably the quickest way to explain your thoughts.
Visual Thinking - Imagination

Sketches appeal to our imagination

People seldom have the same images in mind. Pictures spark people’s imagination and generally lead to new ideas. Besides, drawing is fun to do and fun to watch. People love it when they see their (or your) ideas come to live in a vivid image.

Visual Thinking - clarity

Pictures bring clarity

Words can almost always be interpreted in several ways. Drawing makes ideas visible. Drawing is the international (visual) language that makes it easy to explain difficult situations. It turns the abstract into something that you can relate to.

Visual Thinking - Bigger Picture

Graphics help to see the bigger picture

People generally need a lot of words to explain themselves. A waste of time. A problem or idea can often be summarised in just one or two simple pictures. Another benefit: it’s much easier to keep an overview with pictures, rather than with (long) text documents.

Visual Thinking - storytelling

Visualising is a great tool for storytelling

Drawing makes a wonderful way to engage your audience. Whether it’s while brainstorming or during a presentation. You are literally able to lead the eyes of your audience. You are fully in charge of what they look at and at what moment.

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