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If you are an avid reader of this blog, this post is for you.

If, on the other hand, you just happened to stumble upon this site, you are most likely wondering what this strange rabbit-infested site is all about. Let’s take care of that first. Here are some interesting articles to read, so you will get an idea of the stuff we tend to talk about.

Low tech innovation; part one & part two
Innovation is more than high tech solutions. Sometimes the best idea is a low tech approach.
Biomimicry; using nature as a tool for innovation
Nature’s design is accessible to anyone. It’s free and it has no patents or trademarks.

Thinking techniques
Exaggeration; embrace the bizarre
Sometimes you have to make an utterly unreasonable statement, in order to find your solution.
Random input; how a monkey can help you find your best idea
Start your search for the right solution with an entirely unrelated object.

Business creativity
Innovation by co-creation; meant to be together
How to create business ideas that are almost impossible to copy.
Challenging assumptions; Ricardo Semler does things differently
An important part of creativity is challenging assumptions. If there is one company that shows how to do this, it’s Semco.

Now that we took care of the newcomers, let’s get to what this post is really about.

Here’s the deal. Jeroen and I are currently writing a new ebook on Business Creativity. If you are interested in creative thinking in a business context, you’re going to like this ebook. Rather than guessing what you would be most interested in however, we’ve decided to simply ask you. In order to give you the most value, we’d like to hear what you’d really like to know about creativity in business. What would you have us write about?

Would you like to know more about problem solving, opportunity seeking, brainstorming or thinking techniques? Would you appreciate some step-by-step guides to use in your everyday life or would you rather read about inspiring business cases?

Whatever it is, you’d be a great help to us if you’d let us know what you are looking for in an ebook like this.

Of course there is something in it for you too. Let us know your thoughts and wishes in the comment box below and you will be the first to receive our new ebook on Business Creativity absolutely for free.

So do not hesitate, let us know what you would like to read about and get your FREE ebook on Business Creativity!

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  • Tim

    Hoe (praktisch) om te gaan met weerstand van collega’s (zowel bazen als naasten en ondergeschikten) ten aanzien van creatief denken. C.q. Hoe draagvlak te creeeren?

    • René de Ruijter

      Hi Tim, thanks for your input!

  • Barry Mettes

    Hi Hatrabbits,
    Loving the blog! For now I have absolutely zero recommendations, but I let you know if something comes to mind. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

    • René de Ruijter

      Thank you very much Barry! That’s very nice to hear. We’d love to hear it when you think of something you’d like to read about in the ebook!

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