Creativity during a crisis – the quest for a creative solution, Part 2

I don’t need to tell you that Covid-19 is a serious virus. 10 months ago, we started working from home and this situation has not changed much in the meantime. The pandemic and the drastic measures that have been taken in response have caused a flood of new problems. To overcome these new hurdles, we have to be creative. In March last year, I wrote an article about how creativity creates opportunities in crisis situations. After almost a year of pandemic and countless creative solutions, it’s time for part 2! Let’s look at some examples of creativity during a crisis.

Window shopping 2.0

There is not much you can do during a lockdown. Here in the Netherlands, most stores are closed and people are encouraged to work from home. You are, however, still allowed to leave your house for a stroll outside. Many who work from home welcome this breath of fresh air and gladly added a daily walk through the neighbourhood to their schedule. Shoebaloo, a shoe store in Amsterdam decided to make good use of this. While brick stores are closed, webshops, of course, are still doing business. At Shoebaloo they decided to use their brick stores to guide customers to their webshop. Large window stickers appeared on the stores, displaying their shoes and accompanying QR codes. Passers-by can directly place their order and the creative retailer has given ‘window shopping’ a whole new meaning.

Photo source: RetailTrends

Take out lingerie

To keep her business going, the owner of a lingerie shop from Krommenie (The Netherlands) was inspired by a not so obvious industry; flower shops. If flower shops can sell their products on the street, so can I! How? Women who are in need of a new bra walk up to the shop window and pull their shirt tight so the shop owner can get a good look at the customer’s bosom. With her expert eye, the shopkeeper has little trouble determining exactly what size the woman in front of her needs. She proceeds to ask the customer about her wishes and gets some beautiful items from the store. The customer chooses her favourites, pays, tries the items on at home and, if they don’t fit, simply returns them.

creativity during a crisis

Photo source: Wim Egas

Midnight car wash 

People working in the entertainment industry are clearly heavily impacted by the anti-Covid measures. Artists, therefore, have to be even more creative than usual. Dutch DJ La Fuente decided to mix his two passions; music and cars. He came up with the Midnight Carwash. He rented a car wash, arranged some dancers, installed his DJ booth and the party could begin. After your ride through the car wash, you will reach the disco square where the ‘disco vacuuming’ can start while you dance to the music of La Fuente himself. A night out and a clean car, what more could you wish for?

The cutest social distancing ever

Keeping your distance is something that is still difficult for many. Not because they don’t want to, but because it feels unnatural, especially when it comes to people they love. In a restaurant in Bangkok, they have, in my opinion, found the cutest solution ever. Instead of masking or removing seats, they have seats that cannot be used because they’re occupied by stuffed pandas! These fluffy table guests not only provide distance but also make it look very cosy!

Test drive at home

Buying a car from the comfort of your home? A year ago, that would’ve seemed ridiculous. If there is one thing that is important when buying a car, it is the test drive and checking the vehicle with your own eyes. At Van Mossel in Tilburg, The Netherlands, all this is possible! You can view their offer in the virtual showroom and for questions, you can make video calls with an employee who will show you the inside of the car. Interested? Then it’s time for the test drive at home. Yes, you read that right. Van Mossel comes to you with your chosen car and disinfects it before you get in for a test drive. In the meantime, they may assess your trade-in car. That’s a creative solution and service at home!


Where do you find creativity during a crisis?

Coming up with a creative solution is not always easy. Sometimes you’ll feel stuck. The challenge seems so overwhelming that you no longer see any alternatives. That’s why it is sometimes valuable to take a step back and let yourself be inspired by companies that have nothing to do with your industry. Look at your problem from a different perspective. For example, how would McDonald’s handle this? You can read more about this way of thinking in this article from a while ago.


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